联考考研英语二-英语小作文模板-请求信  祝贺信

2021-12-05 众凯MBA辅导



Dear _______,

I am 介绍自己的身份 . I will/am与请求有关的自身现状. I’d like to阐明自己的请求 . I will appreciate your有关该请求的详细信息 . I’m going to对方如能帮助实现请求,自己将要做什么 。

Here are the reasons why承上启下,开始解释原因 : For one thing,请求的原因一; For another,请求的原因二, .Therefore,总结写信的目的 .

I shall be much obliged to you if you对收信人的期望 . Thanks for your kind consideration and I look forward to receiving your earliest reply.

Yours truly,

Li Ming



I have learned with delight that you祝贺事由. I would like to extend to you my utmost congratulations on 主题词.

祝贺人所取得的成绩 is quite exciting news! I know this is surely owing to被祝贺人过去的努力 . It is a reward you richly deserve for your 被祝贺人的优点 ./ I can imagine your excitement when you realize your dream. It is your hard work that contributes to your achievement.

Kindly let me know when you 咨询对方何时有空 . I hope 表达自己的愿望 . Best wishes for your further success.

Yours truly,

Li Ming

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